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In a modern day distribution business to the refinishing and industrial markets, just to supply the right product on time is not enough which is why Kett Autopaints (Anglia) Ltd provide added value services to their customers. We are the local people that can provide you, the customer, with the added value services that previously was only available from major national group distribution.

Technical & Product Training

Kett Autopaints (Anglia) Ltd and our major suppliers will initially work alongside your staff to ensure that they are fully conversant with all aspects of the paint product. After initial training a programme of ongoing training will be planned to suit your requirements.Your new chosen paint company will always demonstrate paint products introduced at any time, and your staff will be fully trained in their use.

Management Reports

V.O.C. Reports are issued to our customers on a monthly basis. Each individual product supplied will be detailed, which means that any high usage can be identified, enabling you to take any action should you think it necessary.

We also issue, if requested, a Paint and Materials Report. This report shows purchase levels on five key areas of bodyshop management: -

Paint Products. Materials used for repairs. Consumables. Tools and Equipment. Parts.

Used in conjunction with your Paint and Material Sales the above report will give you a Gross Margin figure as a percentage of your P & M Sales. This information can be supplied as a normal hard copy report, or on a floppy disk for you to import onto your own spreadsheet.

Health & Safety, COSHH, EPA.

Over the past few years Kett Autopaints (Anglia) Ltd have become experts in the above areas. We undertake to assist your company in those areas and will work alongside you to ensure that you remain compliant under the regulations covering Health and Safety, C.O.S.H.H., The E.P.A. and the Duty of Care Legislation.

Waste Management Service

Waste management has now become a specialised business. Recognising this fact Kett Autopaints have sub-contracted a waste management company to collect waste paint and solvent from our customers. The cost of this service is lower than would usually be charged from a specialist because the volume of business we are able to offer our service provider. This service can be extended to include all types of Automotive Waste. We handle all administration and necessary paper work.

Stock Management

Kett Autopaints (Anglia) Ltd will carry out an initial survey of your bodyshop to ascertain your stock requirements. Following this, a manual stock control system will be set up, tailored to your needs, and monitored by a member of our staff on a regular basis, usually weekly. Both Kett Autopaints and your company will leave a stock record book on our premises for use. A month end stock valuation report can be provided should you require it.

Our aim is to maximise the potential of each product, increase efficiency and profitability. The system will develop into an efficient system, which will mean that you should not run out of stock whilst keeping the cost of that stock to an absolute minimum.

Local Service

Our normal delivery service to you will be one delivery per day. However, the very nature of this business means that the unexpected can occur and with this in mind we offer an emergency delivery service when required.

Our Branch Manger at Wisbech is Mr William (Bill) Skeels, Bill and his staff are fully aware of the needs of our customers in this industry and we are proud to say that our record on ensuring that we live up to our promises, and your expectations, is second to none.

Our Sales Manager, Mr Mark Lynn, will also be in regular contact with your company. Mark is contactable via our Wisbech office.

Review Meetings

As a “Supply Partner” we are in daily contact with our customers, however, we believe that it is vital to meet our customers on a regular basis (usually quarterly) with a formal agenda to discuss the following points: -

The Dedicated Bodyshop Suply Company