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The present Chairman and Managing Director Mr Brian Kett established Kett Autopaints Ltd in 1980. The business from the outset was set up as a specialist company looking after the Automotive Refinishing Industry, initially in the Wisbech and surrounding area.

The aims and ambitions of the company then, as now were to provide unrivalled specialist knowledge and service to the industry. We have always believed in building a team of experts, brought about by dedication to the business and providing ongoing training and support for staff and customers. We have over the years consistently invested in the company to provide one of the best stocked in width and depth refinishing paint stockist in the country. The stocking policy on products allows the customer choice depending on the needs to the job in hand, whether an accident repair, repaint of a commercial vehicle, plant hire or industrial finishes.

Never to sit on our laurels we expanded into the Peterborough area seeing an opportunity and opening a branch. The expansion proved to be successful when the same principles were applied, service, knowledge, training, customer orientated, and dedication.

The industry continued to change with the introduction of V.O.C. levels, C.O.S.H.H., E.P.A. and Duty of Care Legislation. We keep constantly up to date on any matters likely to effect our customers so that we can continue to provide them with relevant information and they can continue to concentrate on what they do best repair vehicles.

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